How to Join

Crowfall is still a game in development. If you want to join our guild you must be able to participate in the different testing phases until official release. We only accept players who currently have access to the game. We expect you to spend a lot of time in the game. If you do not fit into these requirements we ask you to apply to our guild at a later time.

We (currently) don't have any restrictions regarding classes in the guild. With Crowfall being a game where character levels don't exist, we think switching characters will be less painful for our chapter and it's members. That said, we need to maintain a balance between playstyles to be able to compete in the game. If you're adamant to restrict yourself to or we feel we have enough members playing a certain class and role, we can decide to deny your application. Being versatile and flexible will definitely be an advantage in Crowfall!

We urge you to read this entire thread for more information about our guild and Crowfall. Thank you for considering Crowfall!

Three stages:

Crowfall is a Throne War Simulator with large-scale territorial conquest where politics and betrayal run rampant. Danger is everywhere and trust is something that is hard to earn and expect. We have to be very careful and informed as best as possible before we can determine if players can be a part of our chapter. We’ve set up a three-part process to help us with recruitment.

These 3 stages are as follows:

  1. Application Form - You’ll have to fill the application form here. Our advice is to take your time and answer them seriously and thoroughly. If we see no effort in your answers, we’ll deny your application. It’s really that simple. We’ll contact you through a PM once we’ve made a decision. This will be your first impression, so make the best of it!
  2. Discord : After making the application feel free to join our Discord (It will make contacting you later on easier for us - click here )
  3. Interview - If you pass the first stage we want to get to know you a bit better. So, we’re going to talk with you on our voice chat and ask you some questions. If you have questions yourself, this is the time to ask them! We can still deny your application at this stage if we feel you don’t fit in. This will be a relaxed social conversation, so don’t worry about this part too much.
  4. Trial - Two down, one to go! Easy peasy right? Yeah, no. This will be the toughest part. Now you have to show us what you're worth. This means in-game and outside the game as well. The trial period will last as long as needed for us to determine if you’re Crowfall material. If you pass this stage you will become a full member.

Once you have completed your application it’s just a matter of waiting for us to contact you. At any stage of the application process, we retain the right to deny your application for any reason.

Start by making your Application here!