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Our Crowfall chapter will remain relatively small and will have a relatively flat organizational structure with only a few ranks deep. Bigger groups are just less social and become unmanageable at a certain size, although we'll seek alliances or we offer ourselves for hire while retaining our core structure if needed.

Ranks are advantageous for military operations, in particular with regards to logistics, command, and coordination. In Caldera a higher rank comes with more and bigger responsibilities, but everyone will be treated as equal and with respect.

Core Ranks

Each Member is a significant part of our family. It is their bond that holds the guild together, and together we strive to succeed in the game.  We share our knowledge and resources with each other, so to make sure things remain more or less fair, every member is expected to benefit the guild as a whole by actively fulfilling one or more special tasks.

To keep the guild running, the Officers are members that have taken up further responsability.
From strategic officers that help steering the guild into the right direction, to operational officers that do the heavy lifting in regards to organisation.  Every officer has a specific responsability he focusses on, but also has the well-being of the guild as a whole in mind.

Primary task : Maintain and manage the Crowfall chapter. The Caldera Council is key in making Crowfall chapter policy decisions and organizing activities within Crowfall so we may continue to be successful. We do value the input of all our members, but the responsibility of making the final decision rests with the Council.

The Council consists of three leaders. Each represents a certain playstyle in Crowfall.  The Council ultimately holds responsible for the well-being of the guild and its members, and take all vital decisions together. Should there be a disagreement, the three members vote, but usually things are discussed until a consent is reached.

Supplementary Ranks

Before truly becoming part of this guild, every recruit has to go through a trial. During this time, you will have the chance to see if you fit into the guild, and we can see if you fit to us.

Once you have been a member of Caldera, there will always be a place for you here. The militia comprises of our friends and members who decided to take a break, or who want to temporarily or permanently be free of our expectations regarding activity and contribution. While they are always welcome to join us in any activity, including internal trainings, they are not expected to do so. However, they will not get the same attention and assistance as others, and they will not be outfitted by the guild.


Caldera only accepts members into its ranks that have compatible personalities, and share similar goals and values to its own. All of our members support and follow these rules and guidelines. Anyone who cannot, will simply be removed. These rules and guidelines have served us well in the past and continue to be the guiding principles behind moving the guild forward.

Caldera’s rules, whilst simple, need to be taken seriously. The core principles are these:

  • You need to have an appropriate standard of spoken English - we'll be very international, English will be the guild language.
  • To be respectful of all guild- and community members no matter their background, age or gender. Don't be a hooligan.
  • Willing to use voice chat while playing in-game. Quick communications are vital for survival!
  • Activities like cheating, botting and gold buying will not be tolerated.
  • You have to be at least 18 years old. There may be some exceptions, but this is where we start.

If you want to join Caldera you must be able to participate in the different testing phases until official release. We only accept players who currently have access to the game. If you do not fit into this requirement we ask you to apply to our guild at a later time.