Our founders, officers and members have acquired a great deal of experience in different MMO's through the past decades. Caldera has shown strength and perseverance throughout all the different testing phases in Crowfall. A course we will continue to follow and the extensive knowledge we gathered will be put to good use in all the games we (are going to) play.

We realize that making mistakes will teach us to become better. How and what we learn from these mistakes will determine the difference between failure and success. We are always actively seeking new members who want to play games with us.


Caldera was born as a Crowfall-only guild in the spring of 2015. We realized quickly that playing a game like Crowfall without friends would not be fun and meaningful. The guild has been steadily growing and has become one of, if not the most active European guild in the Crowfall Pre-Alpha tests.

During this time we felt the need to grow into a community so that we have more like-minded people who we can play (other) games with. The community will develop around the Crowfall chapter and eventually grow into a multi-game community. Our aim is to grow our community and Crowfall chapter at the same time.