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We are the attackers on your caravans, causing mayhem and murder. We are controlling the resources from the quarries and mines you need to craft your equipment from. We are the skilled crafters you will spend your funds on. We are the refuge and protection from The Hunger that is creeping in on us all. We are laying siege to your castle and crushing your attempts to take ours.

We stand united in the face of adversity, to share common ideals and goals. We don’t need to look over our shoulder to know that our brethren are covering our backs, they are always there. We always aid those within our ranks, because they will return that aid in tenfold.

We want to be respected and known for our actions by the entire Crowfall community - be it the craftsmanship of our crafters, the skill of our fighters, the resourcefulness of our scouts or the wisdom of our leaders. Our reputation means everything to us.

Our lands in the Eternal Kingdom will house all those who actively and tirelessly work to build castles, keeps and houses so we have a place we can call haven, perhaps and hopefully it will be yours as well.

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We are a determined ‘Murder of Crows’ and we will always work hard, to fulfill our objectives and enjoy our gaming experience together. It’s with this in mind that we always perform to the best of our abilities and will actively encourage others to do the same.

We don't have a sole ambition which we are trying to achieve. We will focus on all aspects of Crowfall, from intrigues in the political landscape, to downright plundering a caravan or trading and bartering for goods. Our objectives will change from campaign to campaign in order to adapt and overcome the events that unfold in front of us.

Our victories will be not defined by the actions of the individual, but as Caldera as a whole. Our standpoint is that every member should contribute to the best of their ability, regardless of skill, experience or commitments.



Our Crowfall chapter will remain relatively small and will have a relatively flat organizational structure with only a few ranks deep. Bigger groups are just less social and become unmanageable at a certain size, although we'll seek alliances or we offer ourselves for hire while retaining our core structure if needed.

Ranks are advantageous for military operations, in particular with regards to logistics, command, and coordination. In Caldera a higher rank comes with more and bigger responsibilities, but everyone will be treated as equal and with respect.

The Council

Maintain and manage the Crowfall chapter. The Crowfall Council is key in making chapter policy decisions and organizing activities within Crowfall so we may continue to be successful. However, we value the input of our chapter members, but the responsibility of making the final decision rests with the Council. Council members show a particular knowledge base and willingness to share that information. The Council consists of three leaders. Each represents a certain playstyle in Crowfall.

  • The Commander is our tactician on the battlefield. This senior officer manages our members in the Military on a day to day basis and is also integral in the feedback process for overall strategy. When the fighting starts, everybody are expected to listens.
  • An army marches on its stomach. Management of resources, armor, weapons and other things is vital for our survival. The importance of our guild being well-provisioned falls on the shoulder of the Quartermaster.
  • This senior officer is maybe the most important member of our Crowfall chapter. The Advisor functions as a recruiter, gives advice and feedback on activities within Crowfall and also maintains relationships with fellow players and guilds at the same time.


The officer is second in command. If a decision has to be made when the Council is not available, (s)he will make it. They help manage the day-to-day activities, administration, maintenance and logistics.

  • This veteran has complete control of his group and takes care of the well-being of his Soldiers. The Lieutenant is also someone to look up to, a military ideal that troops under his command can learn from.
  • This frontline supervisor makes sure the supplies arrive where they're needed most. The Foreman oversees all aspects of the skilled trades and crafts within his crew.
  • The Adept is responsible for a part of the administrative background tasks needed to keep the guild going. He might help with recruiting, diplomacy, website management or whatever else needs to be done.


The members are our workforce. Without them there is no chapter. Each member will have multiple responsibilities picked according to their playstyle. A member can have multiple roles assigned.

  • Our fighters and scouts on the battlefield who are enlisted in our Military. They can execute commands given by there superiors and they're team players. The Soldier, Vanguard and Scout are skilled and experienced players of Crowfall.
  • The Smith, Builder, Hunter and Mystic of our Crowfall chapter are skilled in their trade and love to get involved making high-quality things by hand. They make sure to provide us with all the weapons, armor and tools we need to win.


Members who are new to the Crowfall chapter. During this period, the Novice is expected to try to fit in and determine what role he/she is going to play in Crowfall. Their trial has no set timeframe and could be extended at the discretion of the Adept.


Caldera only accepts members into its ranks that have compatible personalities, and share similar goals and values to its own. All of our members support and follow these rules and guidelines. Anyone who cannot, will simply be removed. These rules and guidelines have served us well in the past and continue to be the guiding principles behind moving the guild forward.

Caldera’s rules, whilst simple, need to be taken seriously. The core principles are these:

  • You need to have an appropriate standard of spoken English - we'll be very international, English will be the guild language.
  • To be respectful of all guild- and community members no matter their background, age or gender. Don't be a hooligan.
  • Willing to use voice chat while playing in-game. Quick communications are vital for survival!
  • Activities like cheating, botting and gold buying will not be tolerated.
  • You have to be at least 18 years old. There may be some exceptions, but this is where we start.

If you want to join Caldera you must be able to participate in the different testing phases until official release. We only accept players who currently have access to the game. If you do not fit into this requirement we ask you to apply to our guild at a later time.

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Q: “What is our policy on NA players?”
A: “We don’t mind if players are from NA, but they’ll have to keep two things in mind:

  • Time zone differences: Attending in-game guild events can be very difficult or almost impossible. We want you to be able to play with us. It's not fun for you or us when you can't attend.
  • Higher latency: We want you to play on EU servers. This means you'll have to play with higher latency. This might be a problem.

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